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The Remittance Industry

International remittances are a major and stable source of income for people in many developing markets. Millions of people in developing countries receive remittances from friends and family abroad, representing billions of dollars that pour into the pockets of individuals and communities in need. According to the World Bank press release of April2015, the flow of remittances is expected to increase by more than 4%; reaching $610 billion in 2016, and $636 billion in the year 2017.

Although ‘North-South’ remittance flows are the largest, a significant portion of such flow is sent from within Africa. The majority of remittances in many Sub-Saharan African countries are processed through informal channels, such as transport companies and Hawala systems. While informal channels are more affordable, users face substantial security risks, complex and lengthy transaction processes, and non-transparent price structures.

In relation to above facts, TMT has embarked on a strategy that fosters the need for speedy and secure services, with reasonably reduced costs that are constantly aligned with prevailing market situations. Our service manner and network-stretch is designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of public and private institutions from all over the globe. Kenya having consolidated its status to be the business hub for East and Central Africa, we at TMT are committed to be part of such Pride.

TMT has also taken further steps to deal with past and present problems facing many companies in this industry. Our modern technology and professional staff make it easier to conduct business in a safe and secure manner for all.

Our Core Business

TMT provides the utmost satisfactory services to its clients; as we believe in ensuring high levels of satisfaction to our customers and making their lives better. This is why we have invested in offering high quality services as embodied in all channels of delivering services. Not only we do serve our customers, but we also strive to meet their expectations in every aspect.

At organization level, we have set a special mechanism for serving international organizations; by providing a new service named “Humanitarian Money Transfer” (HMT), as detailed below. This unique service and more to come are part of our product development initiatives.

TMT has strong presence in rural and remote communities in East Africa. For instance in Somalia, TMT can deliver any amount at any location, no matter how remote it is.

We have access in all parts of the world and use all available and legal mechanisms to ensure that money is received by the intended parties. Our large capital base makes it easier to deliver any amount at any location.

Remitting By the Rule

TMT as a company strongly adheres to the laws of the Governments and states where we have offices. As a Kenyan company, the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) is our primary regulator, and as such, TMT attends regular meetings arranged by the CBK. TMT is also an active member of Kenya Forex Bureaus Association (KFBA). It is our prime duty and policy to ensure that all internal and external policies are implemented and adhered to, in order to operate legally, effectively and efficiently in a transparent and diligent manner.



TMT assures its valued customers that the company will provide services that come to their full satisfaction. As technology develops at fast speed, TMT will always try to be ahead, in order to place our customers on the best side of the business. We are also committed to contribute to the national economy by creating new jobs for Kenyans primarily, as the TMT is from Kenya and by Kenyans.

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“Credibly innovate granular internal or "organic" sources whereas high standards in web readiness.




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“Credibly innovate granular internal or "organic" sources whereas high standards in web readiness.